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Knowing Bank of America

September 20th, 2013

The service and location are among the top factors of how people look for a bank where they can open an account. The Bank of America is among the choice because it has about 6,000 branches in 150 countries. So people won’t have problem accessing the bank anywhere they go. The bank website allows you to easily manage your own account. You can apply online once you have an account opened on the bank.

Brief Introduction of How the Bank Started

It was before year 1904 in which the bank launched by Amadeo Giannini an Italian American which known as “Bank of Italy” in San Francisco. The bank provided the aid of loans to middle-class people of America, immigrants and other companies which are declined within the services from various top banks on that time. Eventually the bank was rebranded as “Bank of America”. Then expansion of bank, office openings and acquisitions has been made.
What Makes the Bank the Best?
The outstanding benefit of the bank is definitely the chance to take on PR problems swiftly. The new providers are targeted to the customers directly. They are really great in terms of marketing activities. The assistance for instance “Keep the change” maintains the clients relaxed on banking. The banking institution has created a unique website where exactly clients can find their way conveniently and maintain their personal opportunities, mortgage loan, money and many others. It’s possible to submit money whenever they want and everywhere with only couple of buttons clicked on and knowledge of the way.
The valued clients can choose online elements that can help them and stay away from calling customer services. It is easy to email the financial institution through the account should you have any queries or complications. For employees, they have EDD card from the bank to apply. A visa card which can be an alternative pay check in case the employee is in financial need. You can apply at

How the Bank is Choosen by Many?
Though they may have many services over the online website, they can conduct the picking effortlessly including offers info about the services. Just simply go through the general services and you will probably have the answer if it is worth their expense. Valued customers are offered reward catalogue here at To redeem any rewards you gain from the bank easily.