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Online Shopping: Vanilla VIsa Gift Card Payment

November 1st, 2013

Vanilla Visa Gift Card is among the card which you can give to someone as form of payment on an item you bought or shopped. The card is available in any major stores or even on convenience stores. It is available on different cash that is under Visa. It is accepted on most stores in US and District Columbia. You can also shop online using the card but only limited to the websites which belongs to the country mentioned. How to shop online? If you want to buy a product online, shopping using Vanilla Visa gift card is easy.

a. You have to examine the balance in the card by visiting the Vanilla Visa website. But you need to do some register process. It’s best to type in the unique number, expiration date plus the CVV three digit list of the card. It is actually found at the rear of the card just after the signature.
b. As soon as you currently discovered the balance, it’s important to set up an account also the card online. By doing this, you can also make an internet based payment using the card. Proceed towards the website written at the rear part. You need to do some activation online now.
c. Any time you are on the web page, you will type in the card account number and then the zip code of the place. This is for the protection reason of this purchase payment.
d. Go to the website where you are interested in an item. Find the item you intend to order and after that just go to the transaction website of the website. It’s important to enter in the account selection of the gift card you have within the text field specified. It’s best to present furthermore other personal data requested on your part.

You need to do some Vanilla Visa activation so you can start shopping now and following the steps above.