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Several Brands of 7 Passenger Vehicles

November 2nd, 2012

Many large families are having trouble about what kind of car to buy in order for them to fit all. They want something which they can travel around together. That is how SUV or minivan became popular. For the reason that you can carry 7 people together. There are many types of 7 seaters of cars that people can choose. Each needs a brand that fits according to what they like or preferred. There are tons of brands you can find over the market.

Dodge Durango. It is name because of its sturdy performance and power. One of the 7 passenger SUV’s that became so popular to the people because it always have the best performance. The vehicle has about 360 horsepower with v8 engine which is very impressive compares to other vehicles. There is also a lesser version of this car which has v6 engine that can also be good for traveling with 7 people.

Kia Sorento. Kia is the brand when you want an economy price at an elegant design. The car has the v6 engine. Running in the city can take you 20 miles per gallon. On highway, it will take you 26 miles per gallon. The price of this car runs around $28,000. You can say a good bargain for a 7 seater car with elegance.

Audi Q7. One of the 7 passenger vehicles that has a name of luxury that won’t let you down. It has a feature called electronic stability program that prevents the vehicle to roll whenever on a collision accident. Audi Q7 has the best rating in NHTSA when it comes to security testing. Q7 is a combined luxury car but built sturdy for accidents.

You can find more over the internet. You may also want to know some buying a car tips.