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How CorrLinks Email Program for Inmate Works?

December 23rd, 2014

Unlike other commercial email services, CorrLink is different. Instead of printing the email for the inmates to read, they have the access to the system. The prisoners can reply immediately to the recipient at It is now the fastest and convenient way for inmates to communicate outside with only 0.05$ per minute for the service fee. How does the system work for them?image 2

  1. The emails you would attain within your CorrLinks inbox will include the particular identification co e you obtained at the invitation email through the system. The code will often compose of letters. Be sure that what email address you utilize on subscription is the matching email addresses the invites was sent.
  2. The system will email you an invitation together with the federal inmate name to tell you he or she desires to place you on the contact list. You can have the option to allow or reject it. But when you approve, you can sign up having an email address as well as the code you obtained. This code will expire 10 days following the day it was mailed. The inmate will instantly get the message to tell that you agreed to the invitation.
  3. To register, simply browse the program website at You should prepare the identification code and email address to sign up. Setting up a password is also essential. Password must consist of letters and numbers since it won’t be quick to figure. After registering, you would wait 20 to 40 minutes for the affirmation of your request.
  4. Once you have a message on your own CorrLinks account and have established a message alert, the application will update you on your email supplied. All messages is monitored and will take 1 hour prior too btain the message.

For those who have their accounts now just visit Corrlinks email sign in page to login to your account.

What Are the Good and Bad Sides of Electronic Mail

November 20th, 2012

Electronic mail or short for email is use sending message or important information on any types of computer, mobile phones or gadgets that could also receive and send emails. The invention of this technology brought a great deal of enhancement for our means on daily communications. In this site, you will read few of the reasons why people needs or wants communication in our life. Of course, not all things react for the good of us. There are also negative things that we can see of using emails.  Just continue reading below if you are interested to know.

The Advantages of Emails

  1. Emails are easy to use, fast and convenient when it comes to our daily corresponding to people. You can receive and send messages through electronic mails to people who also have email addresses. You can receive emails the minute that the sender clicks the Send button. Click this post to know more about creating emails.
  2. You can include the previous conversation once you reply on the email, so both of you know what each other is talking about in case you want to question something. This is very important if you receive hundreds of mails every day.
  3. Emails do not need papers which can give a good impact to our environment and preserve our trees for the future generation.

The Disadvantages of Emails

  1. Emails can carry viruses which can cause harm to your computer system. That is why we need precautions when opening emails that came from anonymous senders.
  2. There are irritated SPAM messages that you do not want to receive which is very hard to stop.
  3. There are people who are not yet familiar with this technology, especially old people.

Have you learned a lot on this article? You could if you can search more about emails and how to create one.