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Subscribing Your Gift Card Online

January 4th, 2016

If you have a visa gift card, you can use it to shop anything you want. There are lots of stores accepting this kind of card as a form of payment. There is other available info at But first make sure the card has still balance. How can you check the balance? You can check it via phone with the help of a customer representative or you can register the card online. Registration online is easy. How? Just follow the steps below:

Gift cards on white background

Gift cards on white background

  • First part is to head to their website at Mygiftcardsite. Whenever you are directed to the homepage of this site, you will see on the page at the top portion the “Manage your gift card”. Below that title, you will notice 2 text field that you need to complete using your account information.
  • Beside the sign in process box, you could find the card number and security text field. Do not worry in keying in that details because the website is safe and secured.
  • Just simply key in your card number and code on the area supplied. You can find your card number at the front of the card.
  • After you are done answering the card details, simply go to the next thing offered in the website. Make sure to complete the information requested from the
  • Ensure that you don’t contain a pop-up blocker within the browser you are utilizing. You will see additional information required to you that will only show on a pop-up page. That’s the reason check first your browser and ensure pop-ups aren’t
  • Finally, when you’re successfully done signing up, now you may organize your account. You may either see the balance everywhere you desire.

Check Starbucks gift card balance at this website. All you need is to register your Starbucks gift card.

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